Custom Homes and Fire Rebuilds

The Building Process

– Pre-Construction –

The Cheney Builders team understands the importance of good preparation and organization before ground is even broken at the job site location. We work closely with the Homeowner and other parties. Budgets are discussed, time schedules are reviewed, and decisions are made with all parties on board. Recently we have begun designing our own homes. We have found that many times we can help not only speed up the construction process but also we are able to help value engineer the home to help save money. As a contractor we know areas within the construction process that will save you more money so you can use that money on areas you find more important to you. We also help clients with the permit processing. Navigating the permit processing and review with the City or County can be a difficult and time consuming process. We have the experience to significantly reduce the time it takes to process your plans so that you can start building sooner.


– Construction Management –

Organization is key when managing the construction progress of a home or commercial project. Cheney Builders focuses on time lines, budgets, sub contractor workmanship quality, efficient use of labor and material and more. All of this is tracked, analyzed and compared to standards and goals we have set. We maintain quick but clear communication between home owner/commercial business owner and architect/engineer to keep the project on schedule. While business processes, materials and technology are changing and evolving each year, Cheney Builders is keeping up by utilizing these technological and market changes to better serve each client.


 – Office Staff –

The office staff supports the management by responding to client inquiries/requests in a timely manner, entering subcontractor/vendor invoicing, preparing billing requests, monitoring insurance policies required by subcontractors, and tracking labor time and material costs. The office staff plays an integral part in maintaining the organizational needs of the company. With their support Cheney Builders is able to pinpoint inefficiencies so that quick changes can be made to improve workmanship quality or create more efficient systems. More efficient systems saves time and money which is passed on to the customer.


 – Sub-Contractors/Vendors –

Cheney Builders has a large pool of quality sub contractors and vendors. Each sub contractor is selected based on the type of budget and size of each home or commercial project. They do quality work and understand and respect the business model Cheney Builders believes in. Costs are compared frequently between vendors to ensure maximum savings for the client without sacrificing quality.