Custom Homes and Fire Rebuilds

Are you looking for a talented and reliable luxury custom home builder in the Ventura area?
Cheney Builders has more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry and hundreds of satisfied customers. We think of each custom home we build as if it’s a work of art — because it is! It’s your own unique creation that you will live in every day. The custom home-building process is fun, and it’s easier than you may think.

Why Build a Custom Home in SoCal?

Why should you build a custom home when there are so many beautiful homes for sale in Southern California? The main reason is preference. When you buy an existing home, you must adapt to the preferences of the people who built it. You can remodel, but that’s not the same as building a custom home from the ground up, incorporating all of your own wants and needs.

Custom Homes in Santa Barbara: Where Do You Start?

Whether you want to build a custom home in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Malibu, Thousand Oaks or another nearby city, you may wonder where to start.

At Cheney Builders, we always recommend you start with a wish list for your custom home. Write down everything you would like — 6-car garage, swimming pool, marble foyer, elevator. The sky is the limit. This is your custom home, the one you create exactly to your specifications. Then you can see how your wish list coordinates with your budget.

Finding Land in the Malibu Area for Your Custom Home

Once you have an idea of how much square footage you will need for your custom home, this can help you decide on what size lot to look for. Ideally, you want a flat, vacant lot that doesn’t need much clearing. In this area, however, we often have to work around slopes and other challenges.

What Is Your Budget for Your Custom Home in Thousand Oaks?

It’s important to set a budget early on in your project so that you can determine how much you can realistically afford to build. You don’t want to have to make a lot of changes as your project progresses.

This is also a good time to consult with your lender how much you are approved to spend on your custom home. Consulting your designer and communicating what your wants and needs are is also an important step.

Do You Have a Time Frame for Your Custom Home Project in Ventura?

Most people have a time frame in mind when buying or selling their homes. A custom home, however, can be different. It is especially difficult to stick to a rigid time frame when you are searching for land on which to build.

Once you have the land and the blueprints done, you can expect to be able to follow a more realistic time frame for completion. Flexibility is key with custom home building.

Top Custom Home Builder in Ventura

It’s finally your turn to have what you want. You deserve it. Contact Cheney Builders today to start planning your custom home in the Ventura area.